I’ve co-authored a book chapter with Hannah Maloney! It’s called ‘Unearthing the Potential of Home Food Production’, and you’ll find it as Chapter 5 in Reclaiming the Urban Commons.

The book has contributions from many of my food heroes, including Bruce Pascoe, Peta Christensen, Mariam Issa and Anne-Marie and Graeme Brookman. It’s available from UWA Publishing.

Reclaiming the Urban Commons: The past, present and future of food growing in Australian towns and cities.

Edited by Nick Rose and Andrea Gaynor

We are in the midst of a great shift, a fundamental transformation in our relations with the earth and with each other. This shift poses humanity with a challenge: how to transition from a period of environmental devastation of the planet by humans to one of mutual benefit? How do we transform our relationship to the land, nonhuman lifeforms, and each other? Reclaiming the Urban Commons argues this change begins with a deeper understanding of and connection with the food we produce and consume.

This book is a critical reflection on the past and the present of urban food growing in Australia, as well as a map and a passionate rallying call to a better future as an urbanised species. It addresses the critical question of how to design, share, and live well in our cities and towns. It describes how to translate concepts of sustainable production into daily practices and ways of sharing spaces and working together for mutual benefit, and also reflects on how we can learn from our productive urban past.