Kat Lavers is a passionate gardener and sustainable food systems advocate. With a background in permaculture design, teaching and facilitation, her work reconnects people with the land under their feet, and helps them experience the abundance of growing food as well as their role in wider ecosystems.

Kat is the gardener and designer behind The Plummery, a 1/14th acre urban permaculture system that produces almost all the vegies, herbs, fruit and eggs consumed by the household – 428kg in 2018! She’s realised that with good design, growing lots of food is possible even with limited time, space and resources. And she’s discovered that growing food where you live has other benefits like saving money, reducing water and waste, getting to know neighbours and of course, those incredible, unforgettable flavours!

Kat has been featured by RetroSuburbia, Gardening Australia, Happen Films, ABC Radio National Big Ideas, Sustain: The Australian Food Network, RRR, Renew magazine, Green magazine, Earth Garden magazine, The Age/SMH, 3000acres, Open Gardens Victoria, Costa Georgiadis, Milkwood Permaculture and is a regular contributor to Pip Permaculture Magazine.

Kat lives at the Plummery with her partner, regular guests, cats, quails, worms and a gazillion microbes, in Melbourne, Australia

Photo credit: Amy Piesse Photography