I love to share my passion for gardening and permaculture design. I teach short workshops in and around Melbourne, and I’m a regular presenter on Permaculture Design Courses. My teaching style is relaxed and interactive, with hands-on pracs, demonstrations and samples, backed-up by thorough notes to support further learning. I will work with you to carefully tailor the topic, length and content for your audience, and present at the right level to help participants take their next steps with confidence.

Workshop topics include:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Own Vegies
  • Advanced Gardener’s Guide to Year-Round Vegies
  • Permaculture Design of Kitchen Gardens
  • Urban Quail Keeping
  • Your Summer/Winter Vegie Patch
  • Perennial Vegetables
  • Growing Herbs at Home
  • Organic Pest and Disease Management
  • Propagation
  • Seed Saving
  • Preserving Fruit
  • Compost, Worms or Bokashi
  • Healthy Soils

See Events for upcoming public workshops, or to discuss a booking please contact me for a brochure and my rates.

“Such warm and generous, concise, relevant, inspired, empowering natural teaching”

“I learned a lot of useful techniques that I can use straight away. I am already looking at nature differently. Thank you very much”

“It seemed to flow really well and people loved the info. You’ve totally nailed the balance of making it a very participatory workshop without participants actually taking over so you’re able to keep them on track. What an awesome skill!!”

Liz Turner, Hume City Council

“I’ve studied soil science under professors and found it extremely boring. Your visual and imaginatory representation is perfect for my style of learning.”

“You took away the mystery and scariness and make it sound very approachable. Thanks!”

“Loved the whole weekend. I really liked getting up and doing different little exercises both physical games and groupwork and talking and the photos to group together ideas. I feel it catered for many different learning styles. Everything felt very relaxed, informal, friendly and inviting while also really packed full of information! I’m glad I took lots of notes!”

“I did want to say the masterclass you arranged with Kat was by far the most rewarding and best class I have been to and a perfect fit for people with some gardening knowledge already.”

Michelle, Sunbury

“Excellent class. Very informative and very accessible for people of every skill level.”

“Kat was very generous with her time and sharing of knowledge about keeping quails. The handout is a great resource, the egg custard sample was delicious, and her presentation was thorough, thoughtful, honest, motivating, and a valuable contribution to successful inner-city sustainable living. A very big thank you to Kat. I’m looking forward to adding quails to our family and their eggs to our meals!”

“What an amazing workshop. Sorry I don’t have any helpful criticism to change or improve workshop. Highly enjoyed and recommended!!!! A+!”

“Very engaging delivery – not a moment of tuning out. Loved the session – thank you.”

“You stepped us through the basics so well – great use of props – Thank you. Your warmth and generosity is outstanding”

“Kept it simple and straightforward which makes it seem much more achievable. Thank you! ☺”

“Awesome! Engaging with clear links to the ‘real world’.”

“Came knowing very little about soils and leaving knowing a hell of a lot more. All made sense”

“Thank you Kat. You are incredibly generous with your time. It was thoughtful, kind, interesting, welcoming and fun.”

“Great night! Amazing practical advice that I feel will be incredibly beneficial for my future gardening”

“Loved examples from your garden. Inspirational and real!”

“Really easy to absorb the information in the way you delivered it. All really practical, useful info as well as science based.”

“Wonderful again! Informative, inspiring, practical. Thank you!”